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The Importance of Certified Diamonds


In order to understand the exact value of the diamond you are purchasing, you should first ask yourself this question:  Are all diamonds graded equally? And the answer is NO!

That is why we are different -

Here at The Engagement Ring Studio, we sell with an unparalleled emphasis on education. We believe you should understand fully what you are buying, and if it is in fact worth the hard-earned money you are paying for it.

All diamonds are graded based off of the 4Cs and the International Diamond Grading System, a worldwide standard for evaluating diamond quality developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). GIA is the world’s leading authority on diamonds and strives to protect diamond consumers by setting strict industry and quality standards. What they say a diamond is, it is.


Two other reliable labs besides GIA are AGS (American Gem Society) and EGL USA (European Gemological Laboratory USA). These labs will generally grade their diamonds while adhering to GIA’s standards. However, while more reliable than most, there are times when they will not; so, it is important to be remain cautious. Any lab besides GIA, and for the most part AGS and EGL USA, grades their diamonds leniently, meaning they do not adhere to the strict standards of GIA.


When a lab other than GIA, AGS, and EGL USA grades a diamond, that diamond will drop 2-3 grades when compared to GIA standards. For example, if GIA says a diamond is a G (color) VS1 (clarity), then depending on who is grading the diamond for you, it will drop to a J SI1. This means you are buying a diamond that they say is a certain grade, when it is in fact of a lesser grade as they are grading it on a more lenient scale.

How Does ERS Sell Diamonds?


Most retail stores grade their diamonds using labs other than GIA, AGS and EGL USA. This means that you can’t count on the diamond being the grade they say it is unless they can show you a GIA certificate. At the Engagement Ring, we only sell diamonds that have been graded by GIA, AGS and EGL USA to ensure you get the best quality possible for your money.


We also only sell using natural light rather than the high-watt Halogen and LED lighting used by most retail jewelry stores. If you’ve ever been to a retail jewelry store, you know exactly the lights we’re talking about. These intense, bright lights are used to shine white and blue light into the diamond, masking its actual color and making it appear whiter and more sparkly than it actually is until you walk outside.  By selling with natural light, we are ensuring that the diamond you see in our Studio is the same exact beautiful diamond you will see when you leave our Studio, ensuring you don’t leave that sparkle behind. What you believe you are buying at our Studio is exactly what you are getting.

As education is such an important aspect of selling for us, we will also teach you how to loupe your diamond. A loupe, otherwise known as a jeweler’s loupe, is a folding magnifying glass that allows you to view jewelry at 10X magnification. A loupe is a tool used by jewelry professionals to grade diamonds and other gemstones, and allows you to see any blemishes or inclusions that may affect the beauty of the piece. In addition, this allows you to see for yourself the color and clarity of the diamond that you are buying to ensure that you are completely satisfied.


Last but not least, we only sell loose diamonds to our clients. We will never sell you a pre-mounted diamond, as the prongs of the setting can often hide any inclusions or blemishes that are visible to both the loupe and the naked eye. However, we do mount your diamond for you after you inspect it.


At our Studio, we will never pressure you to buy without first being able to inspect your diamond in a naturally-lit environment, with the proper tools and an expert at your side to answer any questions you may have. It is our goal to make sure you do not leave our Studio without a working knowledge of diamond grading, as well as peace of mind that you have purchased exactly what you want—the ring of her dreams.

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