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Why Rose Gold Isn’t Just a Trend

Why Rose Gold Isn’t Just a Trend

Rose gold engagement rings are becoming more and more popular as the days go by. While white gold rings remain the most popular choice, there has been a surge in engagement rings made entirely of rose gold or of a two-tone combination of rose and white gold. Since its world-wide emergence from Russia in the first half of the 20th century, rose gold has been a beautiful choice for engagement rings. The recent resurgence in the popularity of rose gold should not be a surprise, however. Its unique characteristics make its beauty something that isn’t just a trend. Here are some of the qualities that make rose gold stand the test of time:

1. It looks great with all different types of stones.

Looking for a metal that goes well with both white diamonds or colored gemstones? Whether you love the classic look of diamonds set in an engagement ring, the stylish appeal of colored gemstones, or perhaps a combination of the two, rose gold is the perfect metal. This metal’s intrinsically warm feeling created by its rose hue gives it the amazing ability to compliment all different colors of stones.

2. Rose gold is very versatile.

This gorgeous metal’s versatility is a quality that can never be overlooked. Its characteristically pink hue goes well with all different skin tones and even jewelry made of other metals. The ability to wear a rose gold engagement ring with jewelry that is made of platinum or white or yellow gold just adds to the incredible versatility of the metal.

3. It has an innately feminine style.

As mentioned before, the rosy hue of this metal creates a feeling of warmth and femininity. Its signature pinkish quality also carries a romantic connotation with it that is a huge reason why it isn’t just a trend and is one of the reasons this metal has the ability to stand the test of time.

4. Mixing metal choices with rose gold creates stunning results.

Not only does rose gold work well with wearing jewelry pieces made of different metals, combining different metals with rose gold for a two-tone engagement ring creates a stunning piece. Its original popularity stemmed from its use with BOTH yellow gold and white gold when Cartier brought rose gold to worldwide fame in the 1920’s with its signature ring, the Trinity de Cartier. Nowadays, mixing metals with rose gold is a stylish and modern way to showcase the metal’s ability to go well with essentially everything.

If the allure of a rose gold engagement ring is calling to you, don’t hesitate in making the choice of wearing this gorgeous metal. Not only will you gain a unique and beautiful engagement ring, but you will have in your possession a ring whose history and beauty is far more than just a trend.

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Corinne Turnbull

Over 25 years ago Corinne Turnbull became a graduate of the Gemology Institute of American and carried on the family tradition as a third generation jeweler. Since then, she has earned many certifications in the industry and gained tremendous expertise and knowledge which she passionately shares with her clients.