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7 Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (for Him & Her)

7 Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas (for Him & Her)

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you might still be searching for ideas on how to make it a special time with your special someone. We’ve scoured the web and even asked some of our clients about some of the cutest and most creative things they’ve done for their significant others on Valentine’s Day. Feel free to take these and put a smile in your loved one’s heart!

1. Twelve Months of Date Nights

Come up with twelve special date night ideas, one for each month of the year, and place them on cards in envelopes, or even in a creative mini-book (see link below). From getting dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant, to a fun outing at a popular local spot, to a warm night indoors together with a movie, your twelve cute date ideas can cover anything you might love to do together!

Find out more here (The Thinking Closet).


2. “I Love You Because…” Writable Frame

Showing appreciation for your love is something that should never be overlooked or forgotten. Even showing appreciation for the routine things, such as cooking dinner or doing the dishes, can go so far for someone who cares about you. An “I Love You Because…” picture frame allows you to write in and erase (with a dry-erase marker) all the little, or big, things you love about your significant other each day.

Find out more here (Life Sweet Life).


3. Love Coupons

Similar to the “Twelve Months of Date Nights”, these adorable love coupons can be used by your special someone to take advantage of little stored promises you’ve given them. Love coupon examples include: back rubs, breakfasts in bed, lunch/dinner dates, etc!

Find out more here (I Heart Naptime).


4. Scrabble Picture Frame

Another adorable picture frame idea, the Scrabble picture frame is the perfect gift for the literary lover in your life. All you need is a frame, some Scrabble pieces, a little glue, and words that share letters. You can use your two first names, your names and your last name (if married!), or any cute names or sayings you may have come up with!

Find out more here (Morning Creativity).


5. “Fifty-Two Reasons I Love You”

A truly creative and great way to show your valentine how much you care about them, “Fifty-Two Reasons I Love You” can be created using just your feelings of love and a deck of cards.

Find out more here (Everything Sunny Always).


6. “On The Hour” Valentine Gifts

Instead of spreading out the love with Date Nights or Love Coupons, jam pack it all into one day on Valentine’s Day! “On The Hour” Valentine Gifts adds surprise and mystery to the day, with your loved one opening a little romantic gift each hour of the day. If you’re feeling romantically numerical, make it the 14th minute of every hour, with 14 total gifts!

Find out more here (Thirty Handmade Days).


7. Carved Initials Candle

This candle is a personalized gift that’s sure to light up your loved one’s eyes. A true do-it-yourself project, putting in the time to personalize a candle with your initials, a special symbol, or any colors you might love will show that certain someone how much you adore them. See the link below for detailed instructions!

Find out more here (Hello Glow).



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