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“The Comet” Ring | Engagement Ring Symbolism

“The Comet” Ring | Engagement Ring Symbolism

Engagement Ring Symbolism

To many, engagement ring symbolism plays a significant and meaningful part of life. Symbols of love, devotion and the fidelity that couples share, engagement rings are some of the most powerfully symbolic objects that one can own. Oftentimes, this symbolism represents the unique nature of a couples’ relationship, the things they value, and many other unique sentimental values that are held between two people. The very shape and design of the ring, however, often has additional symbolism that many couples incorporate when they design their rings with us or select the perfect ring to represent their relationship.

The “Comet Ring”

By specializing in custom design, we have the pleasure of helping our clients redesign, enhance or design from scratch some of the most symbolic rings. The below ring, which we will refer to as “The Comet Ring” is a ring originally custom designed (before coming to us) by a young client of ours, Andrew, who was looking to create a wedding band for his fiancé that would complement the symbolism of the engagement ring.

Their Story…

The story goes like this: Andrew, our guy, lived in France and Crystal, our girl, lived in the USA. They were both attending college, he for chemical engineering and she for aeronautical engineering. Hence, the trillions represent them as a couple, while the divide in the middle represents the ocean. Now here’s the creative part: those very trillions also represent comets!

So, of course, Andrew wanted to design something that would fit his gorgeous custom designed engagement ring. It began with a drawing as he and Studio owner, Corinne Turnbull, fleshed out the very style of this one of a kind wedding band. Once the style was decided, we sent it to our CAD designer to go through the custom design process that all of our custom rings go through.


After the completion of the CAD, any minute or major design edits that our clients wanted to make were incorporated into the design to create exactly what was originally envisioned. The ring was then cast in the matching metal of choice and paired with its engagement ring counterpart to create the ring you see below.

14kt White Gold Custom Designed Engagement Ring

With the help of GIA Jeweler and Studio Owner Corinne Turnbull, our client was able to design the perfect wedding band that fit the form style and meaning of the engagement ring.

Is Custom Design For You?

If you think custom design is right for you or your loved one, whether it be a custom designed wedding band to match an existing engagement ring, or give us a call at (904) 710-5783 to schedule a free consultation, or contact us here. We would love to help you create the ring that tells your story.

Corinne Turnbull

Over 25 years ago Corinne Turnbull became a graduate of the Gemology Institute of American and carried on the family tradition as a third generation jeweler. Since then, she has earned many certifications in the industry and gained tremendous expertise and knowledge which she passionately shares with her clients.