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Engagement Ring Buying Tips

Engagement Ring Buying Tips


Having been in the jewelry business for over 25 years, I have amassed quite a list of things to listen for and the ways that she will communicate them to you. When my clients find their way to the Engagement Ring Studio to begin their engagement ring shopping or custom design journey, these are the things I ask:


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The more you know about the design features that your future fiancée wants her engagement ring to have, the easier the process of selecting her engagement ring becomes. If you are feeling the urge to begin shopping for her engagement ring, it is more than likely she has already been sending you signals… are you catching them?

Have you been on the “proverbial” engagement ring shopping trip at the mall together?

If the answer is yes, I ask if there were any rings that she tried on that she absolutely loved? Do you remember any of the features of the ring? Can you glean any information from the jewelry she has bought in the past?

What Diamond Shape Does She Prefer?

Does she have a shape preference? Round? Princess cut (square)? Emerald cut (rectangular)? Cushion cut (shaped like a pillow)? Pear shape (looks like a teardrop)? Oval?

What Diamond Size Does She Prefer?

Your girl may not be so partial about the overall design of the ring as much so the actual size of the diamond. If that is indeed the case, have you noticed any specific directives? More than a carat? Is less than a carat okay with her? Must it be at least two carats? Size does matter to some girls, so this is a must know!

Which Ring Features Does She Prefer?

Halo (little diamonds surrounding the center diamond)? Diamonds down the side of the ring? Vintage style(etchings, scrolls, or an “old fashioned” feel to the design)? Tiffany setting (a single center diamond set on a plain band with no other diamonds or design features on the ring)?

Do You Know Her Ring Size?

Aside from deciphering the perfect style for her, getting as close as possible to knowing her ring size is paramount. One of our goals for a completely successful proposal experience is that once the day comes when you get down on one knee, you are able to slip the ring perfectly onto her finger. If the ring fits a little big, it’s alright. That can be taken care of later. However, having to struggle to get it on because it is too small is something that needs to be avoided for certain!


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Have you looked at your girl’s hands lately and taken notice of what types of rings she wears and what fingers she wears them on?

Notice Her Style!

Are the rings she wears wide and bulkier in design? Thin and dainty? Do they have colored gemstones? Are they yellow gold or white gold? What about silver (silver looks a little darker than white gold)? Take a look at our to see if anything matches up! If you cannot find anything specific, we offer one of the most extensive in the Jacksonville area!

Take Note Of Placement & Quantity!

Does she wear them on her right hand ring-finger? Left or right hand middle-finger? Index-finger or thumb? Does she wear many rings or just one? Does she wear no rings at all?

Check Her Pinterest!

Looking to see if she has a Pinterest board that she has been pinning her favorite styles to is often a treasure trove in finding what she truly loves in a ring! When our guys come into ERS without any idea about the ring styles their fiancées to-be have been dreaming about, we find her on Pinterest, look around her boards, and VOILA! We find just the details we were looking for!


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Perhaps you have been a little absent-minded while she’s been sitting on the couch next to you talking to you about the rings she likes … Well, now is the time to listen!

What Should You Listen For?

If you missed PART 1: SHOP of our ENGAGEMENT RING BUYING TIPS, you must go back to see what it is you are supposed to be listening for!

When Is The Time?

Even though it is you who ultimately determines the when of the proposal, you may want to listen closely for cues… Is she really ready? Has she been ready for years?? Is she expecting it on a special day? Most guys try to remember this last one specifically so that they will actually NOT propose on the day she is expecting it! What’s the fun in that?!

Where Should Your Listening Take You?

Which website did she pull the “Oh My Gosh, look at THIS ring!” picture from? Make a note of the link and be sure to download the picture(s) before you forget! Is she pointing out a ring style that her best friend was proposed to with by her man? Using your listening abilities to determine where to go for more specific information is crucial!

Have you followed all the Shop, Look, & Listen engagement ring buying tips??  If so, now is the time to contact us to create the ring of her dreams!

Corinne Turnbull

Over 25 years ago Corinne Turnbull became a graduate of the Gemology Institute of American and carried on the family tradition as a third generation jeweler. Since then, she has earned many certifications in the industry and gained tremendous expertise and knowledge which she passionately shares with her clients.