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Inside the Studio: Ring Cleaning and Inspection

Inside the Studio: Ring Cleaning and Inspection

At The Engagement Ring Studio, we provide our clients, or as we like to call them, our ERS “family”, a complimentary service that is rarely offered anywhere else. This service is our FREE ring cleaning and inspection. We encourage all of our family members to visit us every 3-6 months to have their ring(s) cleaned to look bright and gorgeous, as well as inspected for any potential issues. This is just one of the amazing additional benefits of coming to us for your engagement ring or wedding band.

What does the Studio do when they clean and inspect rings? What is looked for during inspection?

When it comes to cleaning rings, we suggest that clients not only bring their rings to us, but also periodically clean them at home. At home, you can go and purchase an ultrasonic cleaner for home use, but often just a soft-bristle toothbrush will get the job done! At the Studio, we have our very own professional ultrasonic cleaners that contain a special cleaning solution, which first warms up a ring, which, along with the ultrasonic vibration, serves to shake off any dirt or grime.

While inspecting rings, we look first and foremost for any loose diamonds, scratches that needed to be cleaned and buffed to keep looking brand new, any discolorations of metal (in 14k gold, the alloys come through and yellowing can be seen) which is cured by rhodium plating, and any issues with prongs or settings. We do this by looking at the ring very closely under a microscope. One thing we always tell clients is that if a ring is ever snagging on anything such as sweaters, that means that there is a prong lifted up off a diamond, and needs immediate attention. Another warning sign is an audible one, and this is if you can hold your ring up to your ear and hear a diamond making noise when you shake your ring, which is another immediate sign to bring the ring in.

So who should have their ring cleaned and inspected?

Every woman (or man) who has a beautiful ring which they value! Ring maintenance can often become an afterthought over time, but every person should strive to keep the beautiful gift their loved one gave them as gorgeous as it was when it was first placed on their finger. That being said, doing so without periodical cleaning sessions is very difficult! Cooking, household cleaning, working out at the gym, even putting lotions on your hands are all activities that can dirty and add scratches to a ring. People whose hands are very active are definitely in the group of those needing to pay extra attention to their rings!

How often should a ring be cleaned? How often should it be inspected?

We typically suggest that rings be cleaned every time they are brought in to be inspected, which the optimal amount of time for inspections is 3-4 months. However, we definitely promote rings to be cleaned more often so they can look sparkly and bright all the time, especially for any big events. This is a great part about purchasing your ring from the Engagement Ring Studio. Any member of our ERS family can call us to schedule a ring cleaning before any special event, such as a wedding or baby shower, and we will be sure have their ring looking brand new.

How much do these amazing services cost again?

For anyone who has purchased their engagement ring or wedding band with us, it’s absolutely FREE! Another cute thing we do for wedding band clients that did not purchase their engagement ring with us is “adopt” their engagement ring, which means that we allow this service to be complimentary for both their wedding band AND engagement ring.

Part of the ERS family and need a ring cleaning or inspection ASAP? Not yet a client and looking for a beautiful engagement ring or custom piece? Pick up your phone and call us to schedule an appointment at (904) 710-5783, or visit our Contact Page to reach us right now!

Corinne Turnbull

Over 25 years ago Corinne Turnbull became a graduate of the Gemology Institute of American and carried on the family tradition as a third generation jeweler. Since then, she has earned many certifications in the industry and gained tremendous expertise and knowledge which she passionately shares with her clients.