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Tungsten Wedding Bands – The New Ring Leader

Tungsten Wedding Bands – The New Ring Leader

Tungsten wedding band, alamea

Men’s wedding bands have come a long way in the past decade. The traditional 14kt yellow gold band that dominated not so long ago has taken on the label of “my dad’s” wedding band and taken a back seat. With the exception of our more traditional young men, our twenty and thirty-somethings visit us at the Studio in search of alternative metals such as Tungsten, Cobalt, Seranite, Titanium, and even stainless steel.

So let me give you the pros and cons of the most sought after king of the hill… Tungsten rings won’t wear down, bend, break, or scratch while it is on your finger. I say the latter because dropped on a hard surface like tile or ceramic; it could very well shatter in a thousand little pieces due to its molecular structure. But if you know how to please your lady, that won’t happen to you because once the ring goes on it should NEVER EVER come off!

Another big pro is that Tungsten ring designs have come a long way since being catapulted into stardom. We are currently seeing a revolution in men’s and women’s wedding bands in terms of the details that have been added. Line patterns, gemstones, wood inlays, even your lady’s finger print can now be forever etched on the inside of the band close to that vein that runs straight to your heart! And by the way, that is why we wear wedding bands on our ring finger. Long ago and far away the tradition began of wearing the wedding band on the left hand on the finger next to the pinky because there we have a vein that runs all the way to the heart. Fact or fiction? It doesn’t matter, it’s romantic!

The most popular reason men like Tungsten wedding bands is probably because the color is a bit lighter than gun metal. It looks manly and goes with the metal color of many popular watches. Finally there is the price. At the Studio we have Tungsten rings whose prices  start around $80 and go up to around $300, compared to gold or platinum that begin around $500 and can run up to up to $2000 or more if you decide to add diamonds.

tungsten wedding band

On the con side, there are really only two. For the same reason that Tungsten is so sought after, it’s hardness, it cannot be sized. The scary side of that is that if you break your finger while wearing it, it cannot be cut off like gold or platinum. When my clients pose this very scary thought to me, I simply ask them “when is the last time you broke a finger?” If this a real concern for you, you can always take it off before any activity that there is a high probability you would walk away with a broken finger from.  Since we started offering Tungsten wedding bands, I have yet to see this happen!

If you are in Jacksonville, FloridaThe Engagement Ring Studio will give you the largest selection of quality men’s and women’s wedding bands under one roof with prices that fit every budget. From big brand names like Benchmark Rings and Frederick Goldman Rings boasting of their life time warranty, to the more generic and less expensive models, one stop shopping is key. So if your wedding to do list is looking pretty good and it’s getting down to the wire for checking off those wedding bands, seems to me like the research is over!

Now it’s time to go shopping!

Just give us a call at 904.710.5783 to set up your Free Consultation to discuss the wedding band of your dreams. If you have any questions about the information in this article please contact us.

Corinne Turnbull

Over 25 years ago Corinne Turnbull became a graduate of the Gemology Institute of American and carried on the family tradition as a third generation jeweler. Since then, she has earned many certifications in the industry and gained tremendous expertise and knowledge which she passionately shares with her clients.