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The Engagement Ring Studio has partnered with Synchrony Financial to offer you an additional, easy method to pay for your purchase. Don’t be worried about buying something you can’t afford—we offer promotional financing options with convenient monthly payments that may fit your budget! Finance your purchase with Synchrony Financial at 0% APR for 12 months. Subject to credit approval.


The Details


0% Interest if Paid in Full Within 6 Months**

No interest on purchases of $25 or more with your Synchrony Financial credit card. Interest will be charged to your account dated from time of purchase if the full amount is not paid within 6 months. Set minimum monthly payments are required.


OR – 9.99% APR for 36 months***

9.9% APR for any purchase using your Synchrony Financial credit card. Fixed monthly payments required for 36 months.


OR – 9.99% APR for 60 months****

9.9% APR for any purchase using your Synchrony Financial credit card. Fixed monthly payments required for 60 months.


Other Benefits Include

  •  Low minimum monthly payments       • Greater purchasing power
  •  Simple application process                    • Doesn’t tie up other credit lines
  •  Instant credit available*                         • Your credit card arrives in 7-10 days
  •  Extended financing available*
  • Frees up funds for other purchases or emergencies



Perfect Circle Insurance Image

The Engagement Ring Studio has partnered with Jewelers Mutual in order to provide you with insurance before you even leave our Studio. Their comprehensive repair or replacement coverage is fast and simple to acquire. This coverage ensures that your jewelry is protected, and provides you the freedom to wear it with peace of mind!


Your favorite pieces of jewelry represent you and connect you to those very special moments with those you cherish. Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company is the only company that specializes in jewelry insurance in the US and Canada and offers Jewelers Mutual Jewelry Insurance to protect your treasured keepsakes and safeguard those special moments they represent.

Advantages include:

  • Repair or replacement of the same kind and quality as the original piece
  • GIA Graduate Gemologists and American Gem Society Certified Gemologists on staff, whose passion and specialty is jewelry
  • Quick, highly professional and compassionate claim experience
  • Repair of damaged jewelry with the same standard of quality as the original piece

  • Coverage that often extends beyond the standard homeowners insurance and warranties
  • Worldwide protection of theft, damage, loss and mysterious disappearance
  • The flexibility to choose your own personal and trusted jeweler; there is no need for multiple estimates
  • Personal assistance when you need it

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